Plusieurs type d'objets sont disponible au joueurs.

Certains sont des matières premieres d'autres des nourritures...

Scraps Modifier

A little pice of metal.

Max stack: 20

Wood Modifier

Comes from a tree, pretty sure.

Max stack: 20

Screw Modifier

A screw is a type of fastener, sometimes similar to a bolt.

Recipes: Scraps = 2 Screw

Max stack: 40

Cloth Modifier


Max stack: 5

Fabric Modifier

Just Make it!!

Recipes: cloth = 2 fabric

Max stack: 20

Electronics Modifier

Make the world a better place.

Max stack: 5

Water Modifier

Comes from you.

Max stack: 3

Coffee Modifier

Some people transform into a vampire if they don't have their morning dose.

Max stack: 5

Plants Modifier

GMO make miracles, each morning new plants!

Recipes: Grows each morning in the Oxygen Room

Max stack: 40

Drug Modifier

Cyanure Modifier

When everything has gone to hell.

Recipes: 2 drugs, Screw

Max stack: 10